[Samsung C&T] Recruiting

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Job Opportunity


The Research institute in Samsung Construction & Trading Co., is searching for highly motivated researchers. The institute is located at Samsung C&T Corp. Bldg, 1321-20, Seocho2-Dong, Seocho-Gu, Seoul 137-956, Korea. The main research fields of institute are Construction Technology, Green building consulting, Building energy efficiency and Technology strategy. For details of the company, please see the following website : http://www.secc.co.kr/e_secc/index.asp


Successful candidates (nationality is unconcerned) must hold a master/doctoral-level degree with solid background and extensive experience of Structural Eng./ Geotechnical Eng./ Civil Structure Eng./ Material Eng./ Equipments/ Eco-friendly building material/ Evaluation of residence performance/ Energy efficiency/ Mechanical Eng./ Electrical Eng./ Chemical Eng..


Applicants should prepare a CV and contact as follows :


Application (on site) :

-        England (4/15, Menchester) : Please contact the Korean Scientists Engineers Association in the U.K.(email: secretary@kseauk.org)

-        Germany (4/17, Aachen) : Please contact the Korean Scientists Engineers Association in Germany (email: benedict.seok@gmail.com)

Application (Head office in Korea) : until Oct. 31st

-        Dr. Hyungsuk So (email: hyungsuk.so@samsung.com)

-        Mr. Kiljong You (email: kjyou@samsung.com)