AKC2013 Registration is OPEN!

The 3rd AKC2013 will be held at The Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) Convention Center in Singapore from the 21th to 23th of November 2013. It is organised by Korean Scientists and Engineers Association of Singapore and sponsored by KOFST.


As AKC013 is the signature event for KSEA chapters in Asia-Pacific region and aims to promote scientific and technological collaboration between Asia and Korea, AKC2013 will proceed in the footsteps of previous two AKC meetings held in Japan (2008) and China (2009). We hope that AKC2013 will be a vibrant forum to showcase the exciting and emerging developments in all aspects of science and technology in the region.


The theme for AKC2013 is "Rising Asia — Innovation, Interdisciplinarity and Impact", which is the core values for the conference and will be emphasized during AKC meetings, workshops, network sessions, and entrepreneurship programs. 21stscientific research is becoming increasingly global and interconnected. Innovative global approaches with interdisciplinarity in nature is increasingly sought to find impactful solutions to complex global challenges.

More information is available through AKC2013 website at www.akc2013.org


Paper submission deadline is on 31 August 2013 (Sat)

Please click here Abstract Submission


Conference early-bird registration deadline is on 15 September 2013

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