KORANET Partnering Event - selection of speakers

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Dear expert,

The KORANET project (www.koranet.eu) is organising a partnering event in Seoul/Korea in February 2012  to launch the KORANET Joint Call on Green Technologies (proposal submission from 6 February to 6 April).
The aim of this event is to give researchers  from Europe and Korea who are active in the field of Green Technologies the chance to meet, present and discuss their work.
It will be the occasion to create new partnerships with the aim of building consortia for projects submission. 

The theme for KORANET Joint Call will be Green Technologies, with the following sub-topics:
•    Reduction of carbon footprint
•    Technologies for a sustainable development
•    Renewable energies and energy efficiency

Around 30 speakers from Korea and European countries particpating in the joint call (Austria, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey) will be invited to participate in the Partnering Conference. Overall, more than 100 researchers are invited to attend the event, most of them from Korea.

If you are interested in sharing new project ideas and finding collaboration partners within the field of Green Technologies, please fill the attached Profile Form.

With the replies received, we will build a partnering catalogue which will be freely available on Koranet website and distributed at the event.
Not all scientists sending back their profiles forms will travel to Korea: this procedure is to select the speakers.
The participation will be free of charge for selected researchers. 

All profile forms should be sent back to Ms Céline Timmermans ( celine.timmermans@cnrs-dir.fr) before 9 January 2012.
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