THE 2017 CJ(CHEILJEDANG) BLOSSOM PARK GRANTS PROGRAM에서 아래의 프로젝트와 관련하여 펀딩을 제공합니다.


The CJ Blossom Park (CJBP) is offering seed funding (known as “CJBP grants”) to members and cooperative extension specialists at EKC for innovative, collaborative, interdisciplinary research projects aligned with the research area of the CJBP, as noted below.


Research Areas

1) Food Research Institute - Convenience Foods (Frozen, Chilled & Shelf Stable) / Fermented Foods / Functional Foods and any related technologies including : Novel Food Processing Technologies to improve product quality and process efficiency, to extend shelf life of various packaged foods, to enable value-added margin enhancement : Natural Food Ingredients to extend shelf life, to replace current artificial ingredients, to improve functionality (texture, flavor, aroma, nutrition, color, etc.) in various food systems : Analytics and mechanism in fermented foods, Consumer Research or Trend Research for Food Innovation


2) Feed & Livestock Research Institute - Swine, Ruminant, Poultry, Aqua Feed & Pet Food / Specialty Feed and any related technologies including : Improvement of Feed Efficiency, Nutrition-based Formulations (antibiotics replacement, particle optimization, milk production improvement), Development of Functional Materials (microorganisms, natural substances), Management for Commercial Farms & In vitro/In vivo Efficacy Evaluation of Feed Additives


3) Biotechnology Research Institute - Feed Additives / Food Additives / Biomaterials and any related technologies including : Microbial Fermentation, Strain Development, Protein Expression Control, Separation/Purification, OMICS-based Metabolic Engineering, Analysis, Biomass Processing, Particle Engineering (coatings) & Polymerization


4) Life Ingredient & Material Research Institute - Basic Ingredients / Processed Ingredients / Specialty Ingredients (for personal care and household products) and any related technologies including : Mechanism-based Enzyme Improvement and Mass Expression, De novo Enzyme design, Biotransformation, Solid Fermentation (value-added protoplasts), Anti-oxidation Control, Wheat Heat Treatment & Emulsification


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Funding Level

In 2017 CJBP will fund several projects of up to 100,000EUR each.


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