KIST EUROPE Knowledge Research Group

Recruiting for Researchers



The Knowledge Research Group of KIST EUROPE, the pioneering center for international collaboration in the field of science and technology between Korea and EU, is currently looking for skillful researchers.




1. Job description:

n Research area: Energy and Environment, Computer Science and Electronics, Chemistry and Biology (toxicology)

n Object: Permanent position researchers, Post-doctoral researchers, Doctor’s course researchers



The main tasks for researchers within the team are as follows:

n Technology evaluation and strategy development for implementation

n Strategic guidance for Europeans to collaborate with Korean researchers

n Technology transfer between Europe and Korea


2. Recruit process:

n Application review(1st: Short review, 2nd: Detailed evaluation) and interview


3. Documents for the 1st application review (Korean language PDF):

n Resume (with photo) and self-introduction, each a copy

n Essay of research proposal or themes of interest (within A4 2 pages)

n Other detailed recruitment documents are required only for the applicants with the notification after the 1st application review


4. Application deadline:

n Deadline:21 May  2010

n Submission: (only by e-mail)

n Inquiry: Dr. KI CHEOL KIM, Team leader of Technology Management Team (Tel: +49-681-9382 331)


5. General:

n Subspecialty and contact address (telephone no.) of the applicant should be provided on the upper right of the resume for individual notice

n Remuneration will be arranged accordingly to the TVOED for public institutions in Germany

n Master’s degree holders are only able to join as a doctor’s course researcher, thus doctor degree course runs parallel with the researches 

n Doctor’s degree holders are recruited separately according to their career experience

n Detailed information about the institute:

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