KRCF Research Fellowship for Young Scientists

KRCF (Korea Research Council of Fundamental Science and Technology) research fellowship program aims to offer young scientists and engineers of outstanding talent the opportunity to carry out research in a variety of disciplines related to its 13 affiliated institutes. The fellowship also intends to secure a supply of highly qualified young scientists for the institutes.

Who can apply

Applicants must have completed their doctoral degree in the fields related to one of the research disciplines of the affiliated institutes listed under KRCF’s Affiliated Research Institutes. KRCF fellowship is open to all nationals.

How to apply

Interested candidates should submit the following documents:

-       c.v. with detailed description of thesis and relevant experience

-       research proposal

-       list of publications

-       three references including Ph.D. thesis supervisor

All applications should be sent to the following address:


-       Hojung LEE, Young Scientists Fellowship Program Coordinator

Tel: +82 2 574 2155   Fax: +82 2 574 0702

-       Korea Research Council of Fundamental Science and Technology

Young Scientist Fellowship Program

Diplomatic Center #402, Nambusunwhannogil 2558

Seocho-ku, Seoul 137-863, Korea

There is no specific closing date and applications may be submitted at any time during the year.

 What is the duration of the fellowship?

Fellowships are awarded for a two-year term, with possible renewal for a third year.

Social security

The fellows are covered by KRCF’s Social Security Scheme which covers medical expenses, unemployment and industrial accident insurance, national pension.

Financial conditions

The salary varies depending on the appointee’s qualifications and experience. As an indication, annual salary is about 50,000,000KRW for a recent doctor. An additional allocation for research support and travel will be paid by the host institute.

Selection procedure

Applications are first examined by the relevant KRCF scientists and then submitted to the KRCF Selection Committee. The Committee evaluates and selects applicants based on the following criteria :

-       Research ability or potential

-       Leadership and communication abilities

-       The relevance of the proposed research topic

The evaluation will be made every three months (Feb., May, Aug. and Nov.) and the first selection will be processed on August 2010.

KRCF’s affiliated research institutes and their fields of application

Name of Institute

Fields of Application

Korea Institute of

Science & Technology


Interdisciplinary Fusion Technology






Korea Basic Science Institute


Life Science

Earth and Environmental Science

Materials Science

Electron Microscopic Research

Magnetic Resonance Research

Mass Spectrometry Research

Instrument Development

National Fusion Research Institute


KSTAR Research

ITER Korea

Convergence Plasma Research

National Institute for

Mathematical Sciences


Computational Sciences in Mathematics

Fusion & Convergence of Mathematical Sciences

Global Network

Korea Astronomy and

Space Science Institute


Optical Astronomy

Radio Astronomy

Space Science

Space Geodesy

Korea Research Institute of

Bioscience and Biotechnology


Bio-convergence Technology

Translational Research

Bio-systems Research

Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information


Knowledge Information

Information Analysis


Korea Institute of Oriental Medicine


TKM Information Research

Standard Research


TKM Converging Research

Korea Research Institute of

Standards and Science


Physical Metrology

Metrology for Quality of Life

Industrial Metrology

Convergence Technology

Korea Ocean Research and

Development Institute


Marine Environment & Pollution Prevention

Climate Change & Coastal Disaster

Deep-Sea & Marine Georesource

Marine Living & Resources

Coastal Engineering & Ocean Energy

Ocean Satellite Remote Sensing & Observation Technology

Korea Polar Research Institute


Polar Earth System Science

Polar Biology& Ocean

Climate Science

Polar Bio

Korea Aerospace Research Institute




KSLV(Korea Space Launch Vehicle)

Space Application and Future Technology

Korea Atomic Energy

Research Institute


Reactor System Technology

Nuclear Fuel Cycle Technology

Nuclear Safety Research

Applied Nuclear Technology Development


List of Articles
날짜 제목 글쓴이 조회 수
2011.01.19 [LG 전자] 우수 R&D 연구원 채용 2 file VeKNI 15020
2010.12.01 [KOTRA] 웅진코웨이: 기계 공학 전공자 2 file VeKNI 21463
2010.11.25 [KOTRA] 웅진코웨이: 수처리 분야 채용 공고 2 VeKNI 22613
2010.11.25 [KOTRA] 서유럽 글로벌 고급 인재유치 채용박람회 2 file VeKNI 21429
2010.11.10 [KOTRA] 웅진코웨이 1 VeKNI 21416
2010.10.18 국방과학연구소 정규직 모집공고 1 file VeKNI 23918
2010.10.08 [채용공고] 한국에너지기술연구원 1 file VeKNI 21269
2010.10.01 [해외 R&D 우수인재 모집] LG 화학 1 file VeKNI 21770
2010.09.30 Studentisches Praktikum/ EXPO 2012 Yeosu, Korea 1 VeKNI 41279
2010.09.07 [한국지질자원연구원] 채용공고 1 file VeKNI 20073
2010.08.27 [KOTRA] Job Opening 1 file VeKNI 21115
2010.08.20 [KIST EUROPE] 채용 공고 1 VeKNI 22355
2010.08.05 [KOTRA] 채용공고 VeKNI 21285
2010.07.27 [KIST] Europe KIST 계약직원 채용 VeKNI 23145
2010.07.27 [KIST] 2010년도 전북분원 연구원 초빙 안내 VeKNI 19130
2010.06.24 [삼성물산] 경력자 인력채용 공지 VeKNI 20987
2010.06.16 [산업기술연구회] 기업지원 연구직 모집 file VeKNI 21256
2010.05.13 [KOTRA]2010 한-독 채용박람회 개최 file VeKNI 20346
2010.05.10 [KOTRA] Job Opening_Hyosung file VeKNI 20872
2010.05.07 [KRCF] Research Fellowship for Young Scientists(eng.) VeKNI 52059
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