Recruitment – Senior Researcher (Regular Staff)
채용공고 – 선임연구원 (정규직)


KIST Europe Forschungsgesellschaft mbH ( is established in 1996 and located in Saarbrücken, Germany, as an overseas branch of the KIST in Seoul, Korea.

We would like to recruit creative and enthusiastic talents for development of deep learning model in bio-chemical informatics.


► Open position: Researcher holding Ph.D. degree




Position Major Tasks

Deep Learning

(Bio/Chem- Informatics)

Senior Researcher


  1. Computer Science/ Statistics (or other related majors)
  2. Bio / Chemical Engineering (or other related majors)
  • Big data analysis in bio-medical domain
  • Generative models (image/drug discovery)
  • Software-based bioinformatics (Molecular docking, read-across, in silico models)




 Eligibility (General)

- Holders of Ph.D. degree

  1. Computer Science / Statistics: research experiences in bioengineering fields are preferred
  2. Bio/Chemical Engineering: research experiences in deep learning are preferred

* For both of  (1)  and  (2), profound knowledge in deep learning libraries is required,  and  the publication in the international conference (machine learning/artificial intelligence) is preferred.

- Korean and English fluent / no disqualification of working in Germany


►  Conditions and types of employment

  • Wages: KIST Europe Wage table (German TV-L standard), basic welfare included
  • Contract period: Regular staff (permanent)

► Documents (in English, PDF)

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Proofs of research achievement
  • 1 copy of college or university transcript/career certificate (scanned original as pdf file)


►  Application Period and Contacts

  • Submission Deadline: ~ April 30, 2021, 23:59 (local time in Germany)
  • How to apply: Online application (
  • * Only major/task related inquiries will be answered. If you have any other questions, please ask us at the interview.


채용공고 관련 pdf 및 word 파일을 첨부하여 올려드립니다. (내용은 현재 본문에 쓰여있는 것과 같습니다.)




List of Articles
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