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International Space Exploration Research Institute (ISERI) at the Hanyang University in Ansan, Korea invites renowned scientists/engineers for researcher position in the area of lunar exploration, lunar construction, in-situ resource utilization (ISRU), and exploration rover. The start date for the position is after March 1, 2012, and the term for the position is at least 3 month. The search will remain open until the position is filled.

The selected candidate will be expected to teach undergraduate and graduate courses, advice and mentor undergraduate and graduate level students, develop and maintain a nationally recognized research and educational program, collaborate with other researchers in multidisciplinary research, interact and participate in outreach activities, and be involved in service to the institute and the profession. Especially the International Space Exploration Research Institute is recently focusing on lunar exploration. Related researches are Extreme Terrain Exploration Rover, Drilling and Anchoring System for Extra Terrestrial Bodies, Waterless Lunar Concrete, Korea Lunar Simulant KOHLS-1, and etc. Therefore, experts on related fields are welcome to apply.

Grants for the researcher position are fund by the Korean Federation of Science and Technology Societies “2012 Brain Pool Program”. Foreign/Korean scientists and engineers who are living abroad and holding Doctoral degree with 5-year or more of R&D experience can apply to this position. Applicants must have evidence of scholarship/research paper/patent and etc. For more details of required documents and grants, please check the attached file “2012 Brain Pool Program”.

Interested applicants should submit an application form and the detailed work plan of the applicable research project, curriculum vitae, personal records, list and copies of SCI/SCIE journal publications, list of patents and their license number, certificate of the final academic degree, certificate of the current employment or verification of the final employment, payslips for the last one year (as a PDF file) to: Professor Tai Sik Lee (, the director of the ISERI.

ISERI is established to research and develop lunar exploration equipment for excavation, mining, construction and more on by Hanyang University.

List of Articles
날짜 제목 글쓴이 조회 수
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2012.07.27 KIST 유럽연구소 채용공고 5 file 관리자 37881
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2012.06.30 KIST 유럽연구소 정책협력센터 연구원 채용 공고 4 file VeKNI 11201
2012.06.29 현대자동차 해외우수인재 채용​공고 4 file 관리자 18708
2012.06.22 Max Planck Center 채용정보 4 file 관리자 39027
2012.06.22 한국 에너지 기술 연구원 연구직 직원 채용 공고 4 file 관리자 11079
2012.06.21 한국화학연구원 정규직 연​구원(박사급) 채용공고 4 file 관리자 10830
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