The association "Verein Koreanischer Naturwissenschaftler und Ingenieure" (VeKNI) invites young Korean scientists and engineers to apply the "2008 Young Generation Forum (YGF)" in Daejeon, Korea from July 14 to 19, 2008. Each year since 2002, the Korean Federation of Science and Technology Societies (KOFST) has hosted the Young Generation Forum (YGF) to share the Korean vision of science and technology in the 21st century by bringing together in Korea young Korean scientists and engineers from all over the world. This forum is intended to serve as a platform where the young participants can develop an international perspective on science and technology by sharing their knowledge on state-of-the-art science and technology through  human networking. Additionally, the participants from other countries would be given the chance to not only develop an interest in but also be assimilated into the Korean culture. The 2008 YGF will bring together 80 young scientists and engineers from all over the world (including Germany, Britain, France, U.S., Japan, Canada, China, Russia, Middle East, Austria, etc.) as well as 40 young scientists and engineers from Korea.

VeKNI will recommend 8 young Korean scientists or engineers from Germany to KOFST for attending the YGF. The participants will receive from KOFST round trip air fare reimbursement (economy class) as well as accommodation and meals during the forum.

Tentative Program:
July 14 (Mon): Registration, Ice Breaking
July 15 (Tue): Opening Ceremony 2008 KOFST Annual Conference, Keynote Lecture, Presentation of Country Representatives, Banquet
July 16 (Wed): Group Discussion, Special Lecture, Q&A and Discussion, CEO&CTO Forum and Dinner
July 17 (Thu) ~ 19 (Sat): Industrial Visits & Participant Feedback, Cultural Tours

•        To be eligible the Applicants must
-         be of Korean descent but have Germany as their home, that is, they must have either German citizenship or permanent residence status (Korean citizens temporarily studying abroad are not eligible), and
-        have been born in 1974 or later, and
-        be a student (undergraduate with at least 3 years completed, Ph.D. or Post-doc.) at the time of the Forum, with a major related to Science and Technology
•        The Applicant should be able to communicate in English.
•        Participants in the previous YGF's (2002 ~ 2007) are not eligible.
•        VeKNI members have priority, but application after registration with VeKNI is also possible.

Deadline: February 29 (Friday), 2008

How to Apply: Complete the application form on the VeKNI homepage ( and send by E-mail to Dr. Wonsun Park (

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