KIER 국제공동연구 공모


■ Objective

ㅇ Promoting energy technology of KIER and conducting the top-tier cutting edge joint R&Ds with foreign research groups.



ㅇ The FY 2022 KIER international joint R&D project* will be funded by KIER.

* Description for KIER’s International Joint R&D Project

Approx. 200M KRW at maximum will be granted for each project.

(100M KRW for KIER / 100M KRW for the foreign partner, at the most)


■ Candidates qualifications

ㅇ Any Scientists and engineers in need of KIER’s funding support with an aim for advancing state of the art research in the area of energy technology

ㅇ And those with more than 3 years of relevant professional career


● Any scientists and engineers who meet the abovementioned qualifications are eligible to apply and submit foreign PI’s concept paper (CP) and CV by June 10 (Thursday), 2021.

- Proposal CPs relevant to KIER’s 2 CPs (refer to the list) only are eligible for this funding program.

- If you submit CP with no relevance with KIER’s 2 CPs, then it will not be accepted as funding program this year. However, it will be referred and shared among KIER’s researchers when apply in 2022.

- Overhead cost cannot exceed 20% of total budget cost

(This rate can be negotiable after the final selection)

● After the 1st proposal evaluation, several top-ranked candidates will be selected as eligible partners for full proposal submission with 2 KIER PIs. One partner for one KIER PI will be matched at the 1st evaluation during the 3rd week of June, 2021. The submitted CP(Concept Paper) and your CV only are considered in the evaluation by KIER Committee. (No oral presentations)

● KIER will award one or two projects (the number maybe changed depending on the budget available) which successfully pass the final presentation evaluation as KIER’s international joint projects.

- Presentation speaker should be both foreign PI and KIER PI

- Foreign PI gives an online presentation via web application.

- KIER PI will attend the evaluation venue at KIER and present before evaluators.


■ Schedule(tentative)

Date Contents

May 11, 2021 ~

June 10, 2021 Concept paper and CV submission

3rd week of June Concept paper evaluation(1st)

4th week of June Announce of 1st evaluation result and

Match make partners with each KIER’s 2 PIs

July ~ September 9 Submission of full proposal in English(MS word) and in Korean(by KIER PI) by writing together with matched KIER PI

September 16 Submission of presentation Material(PPT)

September 30 Final presentation(by video) at KIER

During December Final announcement of the evaluation result

Dec 2021 ~ Jan 2022 Make contract between two institute and project budget remittance to Foreign Partner institute

Jan 1, 2022 Projects start.


- Submission deadline follows Korean Time

- Use the Concept Paper template (form) provided

- Full Proposal form will be provided to those who pass the 1st evaluation

- Online submission by email account is available. (No fax, No postal mail)


■ Contact

ㅇWoonho Baek, Coordinator, Global Strategy Team T. +82-42-860-3633 F. +82-42-860-3486


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