We invite you to Open Source Software World Challenge 2010.

The Ministry of Knowledge Economy (MKE) of Korea hosts Open Source Software World Challenge 2010: USD 9800 in total will be awarded to winners in international division.

International participants are exclusively allowed to submit any Open Source Software developed within one year, even though they got a prize from another competition with the software.

Registration of software development plans : Apr.20~Aug.15.2010

Submission deadline of software completed : Sep.17.2010

(There is no penalty and no benefit, as long as the application is completed by the deadline) You can apply at http://project.oss.kr/english or send us completed application forms tosohee4ever@gmail.com. There is no application fee.

The project submission guidelines are as follows.

Step 1: We are now working on the website where you can upload the final project

Step 2: Email us at sohee4ever@gmail.com with the server address included

Winner Announcement: Winners will be notified via email on Oct. 10th 2010

Awards Ceremony:

- Nov. 2nd 2010 (Details to be announced)

- Winners are invited to the ceremony

- Airfares and accommodation fees for one person per team are fully supported

Open Source Software World Challenge 2010 will be a great opportunity for you to share your talent with the world.

If you have any questions on Open Source Software World Challenge 2010, please contact us at sohee4ever@gmail.com

P.S Could you forward this letter to those who are interested in open source software development around you? It would be very helpful.  

Korea Open Source Software Association "Open Source Software World Challenge 2010" Secretariat

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