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Those who have/ are expected to acquire a master's/doctor's degree in science and engineering from overseas universities, or have experience equivalent thereto (including overseas post-docs) and live overseas

 ※ For those who can start before September 2023



Visit Hyundai’s recruiting website ( to apply



Application screening -> Online personality test -> Online interview -> Medical Check

※ Detailed schedule regarding 2021 year-round recruitment will be announced to individuals


[ 2021 Hyundai Motor Company Global Recruiting Information Session ]


Live Information Session with the current employees who has joined HMC through Global Recruiting”


When : November 5th, 2021, 08:00 AM ~ 09:00 AM KST

                November 4th, 2021, 04:00 PM ~ 05:00 PM PDT

                November 4th, 2021, 07:00 PM ~ 08:00 PM EDT


Where : Live YouTube Broadcasting

General information about HMC Global Recruiting by HR manager

Live talk-show with the current employees regarding their hands-on jobs


How : Scan the QR code and check out the detailed information



Job description




· Speech recognition & Synthesis engineer

· NLP technology and service development

· Computer vision

· AI Platform engineer

· Machine intelligence

· Data scientist

· Software engineer for mobility

· Frontend engineer for mobility

· Backend engineer for mobility

Big Data

· Production facility maintenance planning by using Big Data

· Procurement strategy planning by using Big Data

· Big Data & Database management

· Big Data Platform development

· Big Data Infra planning


· Path planning

· SLAM / Environment recognition

· Visual recognition

· Embedded Solution


· Robot SW development

· Robot SW/HW integration

· Robot BE/FE

· Mobile robot platform design

· Articulated robot platform walking control

Autonomous Driving

· Software architecture development

· ADAS logic development and design for video recognition system

· Autonomous driving system development based on LiDAR sensor

· Autonomous driving sensor fusion technology development

· Algorithm development for precise positioning of autonomous driving

· Algorithm development for decision and control of autonomous driving

· Autonomous driving SW development

· Driving safety logic development

· Autonomous driving system test

· Algorithm development for decision and control of autonomous parking

· Autonomous parking system test

· Autonomous driving simulation technology development

Fuel Cell

· Membrane Electrode Assembly (MEA) and New Hydrogen Technology

· Fuel cell system design

· Fuel cell cell/stack design

· Fuel cell testing and diagnosis technology development

Future Energy

· New hydrogen energy technology

· Energy Storage System (ESS)

Smart Factory

· Smart Factory strategy setting

· Smart Factory business development

Power Electronics

· Inverter/Converter/Power module design for Environmental vehicles power conversion

· Battery material new technology development

· Environmental vehicle battery development

·Commercial vehicle electrification system requirements development

· PE system noise, vibration reduction design

Fundamental & Advanced Technology

· Electronic materials packaging



· Model-based system engineering development

· Self-driving car virtual validation (Big Data, AI)

· Driving performance virtual validation

· Engineering data processing and analysis

· Electric vehicle NVH virtual technology development

· NVH performance development using MBSE



· Future Mobility Design



- Recruitment Support Center -

- Talent Management Team -

- The US Global Recruiting Officer - (Senior manager Kyoungjin Kim)


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