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Those who have/ are expected to acquire a master's/doctor's degree in science and engineering from overseas universities, or have experience equivalent thereto (including overseas post-docs) and live overseas

 ※ For those who can start before September 2023



Visit Hyundai’s recruiting website ( to apply



Application screening -> Online personality test -> Online interview -> Medical Check

※ Detailed schedule regarding 2021 year-round recruitment will be announced to individuals


[ 2021 Hyundai Motor Company Global Recruiting Information Session ]


Live Information Session with the current employees who has joined HMC through Global Recruiting”


When : November 5th, 2021, 08:00 AM ~ 09:00 AM KST

                November 4th, 2021, 04:00 PM ~ 05:00 PM PDT

                November 4th, 2021, 07:00 PM ~ 08:00 PM EDT


Where : Live YouTube Broadcasting

General information about HMC Global Recruiting by HR manager

Live talk-show with the current employees regarding their hands-on jobs


How : Scan the QR code and check out the detailed information



Job description




· Speech recognition & Synthesis engineer

· NLP technology and service development

· Computer vision

· AI Platform engineer

· Machine intelligence

· Data scientist

· Software engineer for mobility

· Frontend engineer for mobility

· Backend engineer for mobility

Big Data

· Production facility maintenance planning by using Big Data

· Procurement strategy planning by using Big Data

· Big Data & Database management

· Big Data Platform development

· Big Data Infra planning


· Path planning

· SLAM / Environment recognition

· Visual recognition

· Embedded Solution


· Robot SW development

· Robot SW/HW integration

· Robot BE/FE

· Mobile robot platform design

· Articulated robot platform walking control

Autonomous Driving

· Software architecture development

· ADAS logic development and design for video recognition system

· Autonomous driving system development based on LiDAR sensor

· Autonomous driving sensor fusion technology development

· Algorithm development for precise positioning of autonomous driving

· Algorithm development for decision and control of autonomous driving

· Autonomous driving SW development

· Driving safety logic development

· Autonomous driving system test

· Algorithm development for decision and control of autonomous parking

· Autonomous parking system test

· Autonomous driving simulation technology development

Fuel Cell

· Membrane Electrode Assembly (MEA) and New Hydrogen Technology

· Fuel cell system design

· Fuel cell cell/stack design

· Fuel cell testing and diagnosis technology development

Future Energy

· New hydrogen energy technology

· Energy Storage System (ESS)

Smart Factory

· Smart Factory strategy setting

· Smart Factory business development

Power Electronics

· Inverter/Converter/Power module design for Environmental vehicles power conversion

· Battery material new technology development

· Environmental vehicle battery development

·Commercial vehicle electrification system requirements development

· PE system noise, vibration reduction design

Fundamental & Advanced Technology

· Electronic materials packaging



· Model-based system engineering development

· Self-driving car virtual validation (Big Data, AI)

· Driving performance virtual validation

· Engineering data processing and analysis

· Electric vehicle NVH virtual technology development

· NVH performance development using MBSE



· Future Mobility Design



- Recruitment Support Center -

- Talent Management Team -

- The US Global Recruiting Officer - (Senior manager Kyoungjin Kim)


List of Articles
날짜 제목 이름 조회 수
2022.03.05 [ILJIN] ILJIN Stellenangebot R&D Engineer 2022 file 한슬기 544
2022.02.08 [제341차] ITER[이터] 기구 채용 모집공고 file 한슬기 464
2022.02.08 2022년 제7회 한화 신진교수상 공고 (~2022/3/18. 날짜 연장) file 한슬기 232
2022.01.29 코닝한국연구소 Corning Technology Center Korea (CTCK) 인재채용 공고 file 한슬기 726
2022.01.14 ITER 국제기구 채용후보자 모집공고 (제340차) file 한슬기 176
2022.01.12 [KEIT] 우수기업연구소육성지원사업(ATC+) 신규과제(해외트랙형) 공고 file 한슬기 275
2021.12.26 [AIBrain GmbH/ Turing AI Cultures GmbH 채용공고 (Full time, Part time, Interns)] “21세기 Alan Turing”을 찾습니다! file 한슬기 389
2021.12.26 [연구원/박사과정 모집] 브레멘 야콥스 대학교 (Jacobs University Bremen) 컴퓨터/전자공학부 무선통신연구소 (Research Associate (PhD Candidate) (m/f/d)) 한슬기 1372
2021.12.17 ITER 국제기구 채용후보자 모집공고 (제338차) file 한슬기 204
2021.12.13 ITER 국제기구 채용후보자 모집공고 (제337차) file 한슬기 167
2021.11.29 ITER 국제기구 채용후보자 모집공고 (제336차) file 한슬기 176
2021.11.21 ITER 국제기구 채용후보자 모집공고 (제335차) file 한슬기 182
2021.11.07 숙명여대 2022학년도 1학기 교수 초빙 공고 file 한슬기 361
2021.11.02 ITER 국제기구 채용후보자 모집공고 (제334차) file 한슬기 174
2021.10.31 [LG Chem] 유럽 지역 R&D 석박사 채용 관련 안내 file 한슬기 750
2021.10.28 [Seegene] 진단시약개발분야 해외 석/박사 채용 공고 file 한슬기 477
2021.10.28 [현대자동차] 2021 HYUNDAI MOTOR COMPANY GLOBAL TALENT RECRUITMENT file 한슬기 2871
2021.10.21 ITER 국제기구 채용후보자 모집공고 (제333차) file 한슬기 463
2021.10.19 ITER 국제기구 채용후보자 모집공고 (제332차) file 한슬기 462
2021.10.16 ITER 국제기구 채용후보자 모집공고 (제331차) file 한슬기 474
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