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Our group of companies, with more than 60.000 employees and 123 locations in 25 countries and a turnover of more than 9 billion Euros, is among the fifteen companies on the ranking list of the largest automotive suppliers worldwide. For more than 10 years now, we have been successfully building up a presence in the Korean market and have several locations there. As a successful subsidiary company with more than 6 000 employees and sales over 1.621 million Euros, we develop and manufacture chassis components for passenger cars. A challenging environment with considerable room for a new

Customer Engineering Assistant Manager Seoul (m/f)

Main requirements:
Are you  ord do you want to become an internationally experienced customer engineering manager with an engineering design or tooling background and good customer relations? Are you looking for a challenge where you can bring in and later apply your international experience? Your range of tasks includes:
·         Technical project management skills on an automotive platform in chassis technology and components
·         Tracking internally and externally project milestones and targets
·         Contact to the customer in all commercial issues including processing quotations and price adjustments, leading related negotiations in close co-operation with the R& D team in Germany
·         Adjust, co-ordinate and fine tuning of customer requirements and harmonizing with the R & D development process of the concerned platform in Germany
·         Coordinator of all current developments with the Korean customers
·         Deploy all technical and project-specific actions and themes by providing professional reporting on status of development to the German Tec Center
·         Single point of contact to the customers for all technical support
·         Change requirement agent and responsible for documentation of all changes during change management process internally and to the customer
·         Pro-active pinpointing of critical situations and bring about decision finding
Your qualifications:
·         BSC and MSC in mechanical engineering or equivalent
·         Age  about 29 – 33
·         Knowledge of metal or aluminium or rubber / metal component
·         Proven experience in the automotive supplier industry
·         First knowledge skill, and experience in negotiating with Korean OEMS
·         Can lead and follow technical discussion and implementation of additional requirements of the customer in proposals with OEMS and automotive suppliers·         Project process group understanding and application Initiating, planning ,executing monitoring and closing process
·         Project management practice knowledge using project management methods such as Axalant, Engis
·         Scope management; Customer needs or (specific) strategy
·         Willing to learn cost management-Budget planning& EV
·         Willing to learn time management-Schedule (or Delivery) management
·         Basic quality management know how; Preventive quality control
·         Communication management; Reporting and information distribution
·         Fluency in English speaking and writing, native speaker in Korean
·         Software knowledge Excel, Power Point Microsoft
·         IT CATIA V5 wanted
·         Close co-operation in building up supplier base
·         Ready to travel local and international
·         Automotive Supplier or OEM experiences of at least 2 -3  years
·         Reports to the Directors Sales for Korean OEMs and to Head of R&D Center Germany axel components
·         The candidate will be trained in Germany for several months
·         Working place is Seoul
Benefit Package: We offer you an excellent remuneration package with all the benefits of an internationally operating company. Applications will be kept strictly confidential.
If this position attracts you, please send us your résumé or contact us:

Eun-Kyong, Kim
Market Research and HR Manager
Korea Business Center (KBC) Hamburg
staatliche Außenhandels- und Investitions-
förderungsstelle der Republik Korea
Ludwig-Erhard-Str. 20
D-20459 HamburgTel.: +49(0)40-340574-17
Fax.: +49(0)40-340574-74

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