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Open positions
Posted on 11. April 2017By vpresser
Two open PhD positions available in our team:

Topic one: metal oxide / carbon hybrid electrode materials for battery applications (click here for more information)
Topic two: electrochemical desalination with Faradaic materials (click here for more information)

Currently, there are no open Postdoctoral positions


Important information for applicants:
With the increased misuse of microscoft office documents to carry a virus or trojan, we will disregard every email sent to us containing DOC(x) or XLS(x) files. Please, only send (one) PDF file! Please keep the file size small enough to avoid bouncing from the server.
We constantly keep our website up-to-date, especially the open positions section. Thus, if there is no job posting here, then we simply have no open position.
We always welcome people taking inititative and sending their applications. Yet, we can only consider applications which clearly outline why a person wants to join our team specificially. Generic “Respected Sir” emails will not be replied to.
We are a multinational group and our official business language is English. To ensure effective communication, proficient language skills in English are absolutely neccessary. This is usually documented by a TOEFL score above 100, work experience in an English-speaking country, or some equivalent qualification.
We are especially happy to host students and scientists with scholarships. Yet, even if an applicant has funding of his / her own, we still excercise a thorough selection process. This is in the interest of both sides as it ensures that scientifically and group-dynamically it is a good match and only then a high productivity can be achieved.
We value diversity; thus, it is particulary important to us that our diversity in ethnicity, religious and policital beliefs, sexual orientation, and gender is respected by each group member.


자세한 내용은 이주한 재독과협 에너지분과장(hykljh@googlemail.com)에게 문의 바랍니다.



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