EKC 2009


Science and Technology Closer to
Humanity - Greenness

Wednesday, 5 Aug – Friday, 7 Aug, 2009

Sir Alexander Fleming Building,

Imperial College London, UK




- 15 March, 2009: Deadline for Abstract

- 15 April, 2009: Notification of Acceptance of the Presentation

- 30 April, 2009: Deadline for Registration and Hotel Reservation

- 15 May, 2009: Deadline for Submitting Full Paper



Green Technology for Sustainability

- Green Energy: Low Carbon Energy, Renewable


Energy and Alternative Energy

- Green Building: Construction, Material and Services

- Green Chemistry: Chemical Products and Processes

- Other Applications of IT, BT or NT for Greenness

- Technology Strategy and Policy Making towards Greenness


Natural Science

- Applied and Pure Mathematics

- Applied Nanotechnology in Natural Science

- Applied, Theoretical and Experimental Physics

- Bio Science and Technology


Mechatronics and Mechanical Engineering

- Aerospace, Naval, Automotive Science and Technology

- Electronic Packaging Science and Technology

- Mechanical Engineering Robotics and Manufacturing Technology

- Nano Science and Technology

- Safety Engineering, Risk Analysis and Reliability Methods


Chemical Engineering

- Organic and Inorganic Chemistry

- Polymer Chemistry and Physics

- Polymer Engineering and Technology


Information and Communications Technology

- Communication and Networking Technology and Network Security

- Education and Applications of Information and Communication Technologies

- Information Science and Technology

- Software Engineering and Embedded Systems


Health Technology

- Clinical and Translational Medicine

- Medical and Biomedical Engineering

- Dental Engineering



- Science and Technology Education

- Science and Technology Policy

- Technology Innovation and Strategy

- Plenary Poster Session for General Papers



EU-Korea Energy & Environment Experts

Network for ‘Low Carbon Sustainable

Economic Growth’

Technopark and Cluster Information Forum

European Young Generation Forum

Women in Science and Engineering Forum

Medical and Dental Student Forum




ULTRA programme provides a meeting place

between the worldwide Korean scholars residing in

foreign countries and domestic Korean scholars to find

out ways contributing to the development of Korean


(Website: http://www.ultra.or.kr)



The programme of this year will be especially

focused on environment, energy, and low carbon for

sustainable green economic growth.



ULTRA programme will be placed at the EKC2009

(7 August, 2009)


일정 및 자세한 내용은 www.ekc2009.org www.kseauk.org 첨부파일을 참조해주시기 바랍니다.

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